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Lily's Garden - Design & Relax MOD (Unlimited money) v2.38.0

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Name Lily's Garden - Design & Relax
Package dk.tactile.lilysgarden
Publisher Tactile Games
Category Puzzle
Version 2.38.0
Size 144.98 MB

Table of Contents

  • Mod Features
  • With a compelling narrative, this work features an impressive tale.
  • With a dazzling interface, the app attracts new users every day.
  • Create a beautiful garden decor.
  • Talk to diverse individuals.
  • Refresh yourself after a long day of fatigue.
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  • Introduce Lily's Garden as a subject through official channels.
  • Plot
  • Gameplay
  • Add outdoor décor to the landscape.
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  • Lily's Garden - Design & Relax Mod Features

    • Unlimited Money
      Unlimited Stars
      Unlimited Stamina
    • Unlimited Money
      Unlimited Stars
      Unlimited Stamina

    With a compelling narrative, this work features an impressive tale.

    Lily is an ensenada teenager takeing care of her aunt’s garden while she’s on vacation with her fiancé. A destructive storm hit the garden, and Lily needs to restore it.

    With a dazzling interface, the app attracts new users every day.

    The cheerful, colorful graphics of this game instantly brighten the player's mood. Anyone can play this game, regardless of age or intelligence.

    Create a beautiful garden decor.

    In order to purchase different items for your garden, you need to earn money. Selecting which items to buy requires success in challenging levels. Each level difficulty escalates as players progress.

    Talk to diverse individuals.

    You can interact with your neighbors and learn about their whereabouts through this game. You can also decorate and work the garden alongside socializing with people. This is possible since this game allows you to work and socialize at the same time.

    Refresh yourself after a long day of fatigue.

    This video game will encourage you to relax after a hectic day by providing open spaces, vibrant colors, plants and flowers. Plus, the fact that the game doesn't require a specific time commitment makes it an excellent choice for someone who doesn't want to go out at the same time.

    Home Design Makeover! Apk gives players a new home to redesign. Inside the playdead apk is an unskippable inside segment. The Matchington Mansion appeared as a result of the Matchington family. Limbo is an acclaimed video game released in 2010. It's also a file format that can be referred to as Apk.

    Introduce Lily's Garden as a subject through official channels.

    Diamond Diaries Saga and Candy Crush Saga are popular match-3 puzzle games. I don’t know why these games became so popular, but I suspect it started with one of the ideas for each game. Developers have taken advantage of the popularity by adding new elements to their games that draw in players. Lily’s Garden is an example of this; it has a plot, and its gameplay takes place in an open, unstructured plot.


    After breaking up with her boyfriend, Lily faced many misfortunate events. This young girl is an unfortunate soul, and any puzzle fan will appreciate her presence in this game. The puzzles in Jigsaw are mind-bending; each one showcases a new story with new characters. Additionally, the puzzles have neutral interactions and storylines— perfect for anyone sporting a neutral outlook on life. Despite inheriting the grand garden and mansion from her great aunt, the young woman grew deeply saddened upon the aunt's death. She had one condition, however: she had to clean everything within a month of being made aware of the aunt's passing. Lily needs your help to avoid invalidating her father's will. Her time is running out.


    Lily has to tidy her mansion by completing several classic jigsaw puzzles. Match two or more pieces of the same color to remove them from the board and collect the drop, dandelion and seed bag in their place. When you combine large clusters of unusual bricks with flying and scraping tools, you can create rockets and bombs that cause an explosion. After securing flowers and clearing up debris, you can create a park by picking between three alternative pedestrian walkways, creating a fountain and choosing which honeycomb to modify for the bees. When you’ve completed these tasks, you can personalize the park by picking between three options for your honeycomb structure's design. Lily's daily chores include working in the yard, kitchen, and garden. She also performs work outside the gate on a seasonal basis. Although much of the house's maintenance is ongoing, other areas of repair are now accessible. This process is difficult and time-consuming. Move is decreased while the number of targeted objects increase. Each mission's objectives become more compact and require precise movement to connect them. Colors mix together and appear random, distant, and hard to connect. Lily's Garden grants future in-game support options to help you solve your problem.

    Add outdoor décor to the landscape.

    When looking at Lily's Garden from a different perspective, you'll see that it's a game where players are trying to decorate Lily's aunt's castle. Changes can be made to the exterior of the castle, such as redesigning furniture and flowerpots. Additionally, new garden chairs, flower pots and fountains can be added. Making changes to the interior of the castle is also possible; new furniture and even gardens can be added. Emptying the contents of the box into proper display order is essential to being successful with this game. A huge selection of items has been included by Tactile Games.

    Lily's Garden - Design & Relax

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    Lily's Garden - Design & Relax

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