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World War Heroes — WW2 PvP FPS MOD (Unlimited Money/Bullet) v1.35.1

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Name World War Heroes — WW2 PvP FPS
Package com.gamedevltd.wwh
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Category Action
Version 1.35.1
Size 1.87 GB

Table of Contents

  • Mod Features
  • Experience a piece of history with a view.
  • Become a war-time male hero.
  • The most popular game is poker.
  • Switch between different modes.
  • Practice and improve your shooting skills as you work to achieve mastery.
  • Provide information about World War Heroes
  • Additional information about the project's timeframe and place in history.
  • Modes
  • How to regulate a subject's behavior using practical methods.
  • Weapons
  • Free & Safe MOD APK
  • Super Fast & safe downloading
  • Old Versions

  • World War Heroes — WW2 PvP FPS Mod Features

    • - Unlimited Money
      - Unlimited Bullet
      - Unlimited Gems
      - Removed Ads

    Experience a piece of history with a view.

    This game is great for folks who love studying war and history. It lets you take the lead as a WWII historian, giving insights into the war from all sides of the conflict. This game is for history buffs looking to learn more about WWII.

    Become a war-time male hero.

    You play the role of the protagonist in this game. You have the option to command a military war or be commanded into a war by higher forces. Which option do you choose? That question is answered in this game.

    This game has a devoted following in the entertainment business due to its WWII themed title. Its standout feature is the wartime setting, which adds to its fame.

    Switch between different modes.

    This game has many different modes that you can switch between to keep your interest. This game has over 5 modes, each with a specialized focus.

    Practice and improve your shooting skills as you work to achieve mastery.

    You can gain any skill with this game, from fighting to shooting. You can start practicing in any mode, because the game features many different modes. Each mode has its own specializations you can practice.

    Provide information about World War Heroes

    World War Heroes is a popular mobile game that's attracted over 50 million players on Google Play. It features a lot of shooting, so long-time fans may feel regret if they don't play the game.

    Additional information about the project's timeframe and place in history.

    The World War Heroes game has a plot dependent on the second World War. You can understand its plot by studying world history. The battle between the Allies and the Nazis often occupies the spotlight. This contest usually involves the two top military powers of the time: Germany and the United States of America. A fierce armed conflict occurred between both countries with the most modern aircraft and ships— with each side fielding tanks and artillery.


    World War Heroes' game modes include a customized game and 6 battle zones that match real-life locations in history. The game is 6 modes inclusive of Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Free-for-All, and Assault. Players can choose a color palette from a soldiers shirt to join the fierce battle. In team battle mode, teams face off against each other depending on RNG. The winner is the team with the most points at the end of the round. Players can enjoy a 3D version of the Bomberman game when playing the bomb-planting mode. They can plant bombs or choose to prevent other players from planting bombs. In survival mode, players only have one life. Any actions they take must be extremely cautious to avoid being eliminated in the first moments. Players can also choose to be the last surviving player. Players can create custom modes with sets of predetermined rules. They can also establish a lounge with another player and fight with other players.

    How to regulate a subject's behavior using practical methods.

    In World War Heroes, players use the controls on the right side of the screen to zoom in or change cameras angles or positions. By moving the cursor with the joystick on the left side of the screen, players can shoot their enemies. This game is considered a First-Person Shooter, a type of game that involves shooting people from a first-person perspective. In the top left corner of the display, players can view a miniature map displaying the location of teammates, enemies, and colored icons. Additionally, the number of enemy units remaining appears in the bottom left corner. By combining this information with situational awareness, players can formulate a plan for combat.


    World War Heroes is a shooting game that features 57 unique weapons. These range from rifles, machine guns and pistols to scepters, claws and more. As a result, its developers always try to improve their weapon designs as much as possible. Complementing the arsenal of each side are common weapons such as the AK-47 and AK-74. Additionally, the warring factions employ heavy artillery such as the German MG42 and American M1 Garand. As a special surprise, only one side may outfitted with this mystery weapon. World War Heroes features realistic recoil and firing mechanics for its weapons. Players will have the illusion that they are firing on the battlefield instead of pulling the trigger from a phone's screen. Different war vehicles are also included with different models from World War 2. You can improve the arsenal by purchasing additional armor and ammunition. Doing so reduces the time it takes to reload and increases damage.

    World War Heroes — WW2 PvP FPS

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    World War Heroes — WW2 PvP FPS

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