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Hay Day MOD (Unlimited Everything) v1494

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Name Hay Day
Package com.supercell.hayday
Publisher Supercell
Category Casual
Version 1494
Size 136.14 MB


  • - Unlimited Money
    - Unlimited Everything
    - Removed Ads



You don’t have to be from a farm to be a great farmer. Hay Day lets you get back to nature and experience the simple life of working the land. It’s a special game set in a real special place. Food grows free, people smile and the animals are always happy to see you. It never rains here, but the crops never die. And if you’re craving a little bacon, one of the pigs will be happy to fry some up for you. After all, what are pigs... oops, we mean neighbors for?

SUPERCELL GAMES launched five games globally: Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars.


Hay Day has been constantly evolving to offer more user-friendly, consistent and fun online experiences for Supercell gamers. There have been countless updates since the game launched in 2012.

The Valley

Upon reaching XP level 25, you can unlock the Valley area of Hay Day, which will open up in seasons!

Tap on the Valley Board and take your truck on a ride to discover this area together with other players.

Roughly 60 players will be visible in your Valley and if you are in a Neighborhood, you will see all of your neighbors. The rest could be solo players or from other Neighborhoods. If players in your Valley stop playing for 2 days, new ones will be brought in to ensure that the Valley is always lively.

Moving around the Valley and completing requests will earn you Tokens, which can be used to purchase precious items in the Valley Shop(s). You may see Chickens / Animals here and there. Catch them or send them to their Sanctuary and they will help you unlock an exclusive Valley Shop containing even more valuable things for sale!

Valley Currencies


Completing requests in the Valley, sending Sanctuary Animals to their Sanctuary, and helping broken-down Trucks will award you Tokens. There are three colors: Red, Blue, and Green Tokens.

Remember to use your Tokens wisely. Once you reach the maximum capacity of your Token Wallet, you’ll have to free some space by trading them in Valley Shops before you can keep earning other Tokens.

Transferring Tokens to the next Valley Season

The Piggy Bank allows you to transfer your remaining unused Tokens to the next Valley Season. However, the amount of Tokens that can be transferred depends on your Piggy Bank’s capacity. If your Piggy Bank reaches its maximum capacity, any remaining unused Tokens will be reset to zero before the opening of the next Valley Season.


Chickens are a group resource that is used to unlock the second tab of the Valley Shop for everyone in the Valley map. The number of Chickens you and your fellow Valley players collected is shown on the Valley Shop screen.

Chickens can be found in:
- Daily Quests: Act quickly before the Chicken disappears!
- Group Order Requests: Complete the request together with other players.
- Road Stops: Your truck will automatically make a short stop to collect the Chicken.

Regular Shop (Available to everyone)

You can trade your Tokens for many items like Expansion Materials, Puzzle Pieces, etc. Not all items are available for sale at once, instead, they gradually unlock as time progresses.

Affordable items will be highlighted so you can easily make some plans before using your Tokens!

Unable to purchase Puzzle Pieces, Expansion Permits or Blueprints from the Regular Valley Shop

If you are having trouble purchasing a Puzzle Piece through the Valley Shop, it means you have been assigned some Puzzle Pieces through different ways in the game, or you have reached the quota of Puzzle Pieces that you can obtain during a week.

Simply wait until next week for more Puzzle Pieces to appear, or see if you can:
- win them as Derby Horseshoe rewards
- get them in the Farm Pass Road
- get them by opening Mystery Boxes
- win them in the Wheel of Fortune
- get them by completing Boat orders with Puzzle rewards

In case you are unable to purchase Expansion Permits from the Valley Shop, it means that you have already gathered all the Expansion Permits required to unlock all the Expansion Areas with Special Decorations in them. If you are unable to purchase Blueprints from the Valley Shop, it means that you currently have a maximum number of 15 Blueprints.

Exclusive Shop (Must be unlocked)

To unlock this shop, you need to collect a certain amount of Chickens / Animals which is why you and your group need to contribute together to collect as many Chickens / Animals as you can! Once unlocked, the shop contains valuable items like unique Decorations, Diamond packs, etc.

These items will only be available for purchase once the Valley season ends!

Hay Day


Hay Day from Supercell is a completely free Casual MOD APK for Android. Are you ready to explore this APK with Unlimited Everything modded features? Please read the mod features carefully in case the mod doesn't work or doesn't fit your device.

Hay Day


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