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Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena MOD (Unlimited Gems) v1.6.12

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Name Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena
Package com.garena.game.codm
Publisher Garena Mobile Private
Category Action
Version 1.6.12
Size 1.85 GB

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena MOD INFO

  • - Unlimited Gems
    - Unlimited Diamonds
    - Removed Ads

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena DETAILS

Enjoy the iconic first person shooter game all from the tips of your fingers. Suit up and join the battle!

Get ready for more action in Call of Duty: Mobile - Garena!

Battle Royale of Call of Duty: Mobile - Garena

Huge 100 player map that players fight for the #1 spot. Solos, duos and squads fit right in here. Tons of weapons and attachments for players to find.

Traverse the huge map with a variety of vehicles that are spawned on the map. Pick a class to give yourself an edge over the enemy.

EMP Drone
Call an EMP Drone that does continuous EMP interference to hostiles.

Grants augmented sight, making vehicles, hostile traps and equipment visible within 80 meters.

MULTIPLAYER Modes of Call of Duty: Mobile - Garena

Fast paced action and close quarters combat. Players enter fan-favourite maps from classic Call of Duty games and battle it out.

Scorestreaks that could make or break the upperhand. Detailed weapon customization, game changing perks to change player’s playstyle and more.

Teams must rush to secure a hardpoint and stop enemies from taking over.

No teams, everyone for themselves.

Gun Game
Kill players with your weapon to advance to the next weapon. First to get a kill with each weapon wins.

Sniper Only
Sniper rifles only, no other weapons.

Team Deathmatch Kill players on the opposing team. You always spawn at your base. The first team to reach the score limit wins!

Search & Destroy
Defend or destroy the objective. No respawns.

Capture and hold the designated locations to earn points and win.

Kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit wins!

Simon "Ghost" Riley in Call of Duty: Mobile - Garena

Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley was a British Special Forces operator. He was the second in command of Task Force 141 and was seen wearing dark red sunglasses and a skull-patterned balaclava along with a headset.

The final mission Ghost led was a strike team to search for Makarov in his safe house, but they found intel instead and downloaded them onto a device. Ghost and Roach would then be murdered by General Shepherd after Shepherd got all the intel he needed.

Newbie Guide for Call of Duty: Mobile - Garena

One of the first things you will encounter when you register a new account with us is the quick and thorough tutorial built to teach you how to play the game. It introduces the “Simple” and “Advanced” controls mechanic which will greatly affect how you play the game. It also introduces how weapons work and also introduce scorestreaks to you.

Weapon & Perk Setup
Call of Duty Mobile is filled with a plethora of guns. Take your pick and build your own custom loadout with an assortment of attachments to improve the gun. You can upgrade your weapon’s levels with Weapon EXP Cards to speed up the process of getting new attachments. You can even swap to a more familiar character model like Captain Price. Explosives and tactical equipment assist you in flushing out enemies hiding in corners. Perks are also a big part of Call of Duty, they allow the player to create different playstyles to their builds. Operator Skills also provide players extra firepower to bring to the battlefield.

Setup Scorestreaks
Scorestreaks are also a staple in Call of Duty, these are weapons that can be unlocked to use when you obtain a certain number of kills, like dropping a predator missile to blast your opponents or calling in a helicopter to help gun down your foes.

Select Game Mode
There are multiple game modes in Call of Duty Mobile. Multiplayer is the classic game mode that pits players in 8-10 player maps that emphasize on close quarter combat. Battle Royale are for the fans who love joining huge servers with 100 players battling for 1st place in an enormous map.

Select Map Type
When you join in Multiplayer game mode, remember to change the game type to your liking. Frontline and TDM are the simplest game modes to get into where you kill enemies that cross your path, quick and fast paced. Domination and Search & Destroy are more advanced modes which involves bomb planting and capturing points.

Light Them Up!
Now are you ready to head into Call of Duty Mobile? Press that play button and get into queue, it’s time to light your enemies up!

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena DOWNLOAD FOR ANDROID

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena from Garena Mobile Private is a completely free Action MOD APK for Android. Are you ready to explore this APK with Unlimited Gems modded features? Please read the mod features carefully in case the mod doesn't work or doesn't fit your device.

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Garena

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